7 thoughts on “Ever Wonder…

      • I think what you’ve done here is give tacit permission for us to use the couch instead…

        • Good to see that you taking the new admonishment above comment box seriously.

          We’ve actually had to have the couch repaired, as it was obviously damaged during delivery. That said, you’ll probably still be more comfortable on the futons, as M. won’t be coming in to beat the living daylights out of you for sleeping on the couch…

          • True, true. The couch has never really been the same since Mr Roast and I had our weekend on it…

  1. haha- thanks Hern. THAT was exactly my first thought too! I’m sure it’ll move if we shove it hard enough towards the window.

    • It does move… but it takes determination. The top is a 4cm thick slab of oak, and legs are over 10cm thick.

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