Had a few hours to mess around with old photographs today. It’s fun whittling down the junk, and trying to focus on the ones that speak to you. My ideas of processing have really changed over the years, one might even go so far as to say they’ve matured… I’ll post a few of the re-worked images over the next little while.

Hard to explain the attraction of the above. The Tama River was a ‘magical barrier’ between Tokyo and home. One side dull old Kanagawa, the other good times in Tokyo. Can’t even being to imagine how many time i made this journey, and i was certainly sick of it after ten years, but this photograph brings back all the excitement of a ‘night out’.

The Hardest Cuts

Some of you might enjoy having a scroll through this…

[click for full size]

It’s a film exposed once in the woods, offset, and shot again in town. The procession is Hare Krishna, with their fantastic collapsible float (can be wound up and down to get under trees / bridges).