Time Floats Away

New processing style… not entirely convinced. Feels somewhere between my experiments with IR film, and b&w digital HDR.

4 thoughts on “Time Floats Away

  1. I think the B+V shot looks great. The one with the girls seems to lack a little sunlight on the pier, unless of course, you have dragged in the mid tones on purpose and wanted a shot with less contrast. At the risk of starting a discussion about photography principles – I’ll never quite understand why you’d want to have digital B&W shots when you have the Hassie or the xPan and could treat yourself to some negatives.

    • Yep, you’re right about the dock one. The light had gone.

      The answer to your other question is that i’m lazy. Deeply lazy.

  2. I really like them, the have an amazing tone to it, and nothing wrong with a bit HDR as long as you do not see it (THE GLOW!).

    • Thanks. They aren’t actually HDR, in the sense that they’re single images. Meant that i’d pushed the shadows and pulled the highlights somewhat.

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