Trash man / can Photography

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in photograph along comes something like this:

Hamburg Rathaus

The City Hall in Hamburg photographed with a garbage container by
garbageman Michael Pfohlmann, Christoph Blaschke and Mirko Derpmann. Shot on a 106×80 cm sheet of ilford multigrade with sin minutes exposure time

To quote the profile:

Hamburg´s garbagemen portrait their city in the Trashcam Project – with their garbage containers. Standard 1.100 litre containers are transformed to giant pinhole cameras. With these cameras the binmen take pictures of their favourite places to show the beauty and the changes of the city they keep clean every day.

The Trashcam Project was developed by Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz & Friends Berlin and the Hamburg sanitation department. Special thanks to Hamburg based photographer Matthias Hewing ( for his professional advice and the challenging lab work with the giant negatives.

So, turn a rubbish bin in a pinhole camera, and shoot a correspondingly huge sheet of photo paper, presumably taped to the back… amazing. You can probably understand most of this, lovely bit of Hamburg german (i think):

Just wonderful!

Update: now with article Spiegel.

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