Lean In

it's my birthday and i'll post macro shots of flowers if i want to!


“Ikea”, the Swedish for, “Hate”

Not really, but this has been an *epic* thing to build. Two meters wide, over two meters tall, and more screws than i dare to count. And, still three doors to go…

Still, after almost a year of living my clothes in a heap on the floor, i can now pick one of the highly similar black shirts up out of a draw. Progress. Guess we’re staying!


If you’re around in Tokyo at the start of this month please go visit Watanabe-san’s ‘3 months later‘ exhibition in Harajuku.

As i’m sure most of you  know, Watanabe-san is a good friend, and member of our little ‘Fragments of Tokyo’ exhibition team.

These photographs (or at least those that i’ve seen) are incredibly haunting, and well worth seeing. My initial reaction to them was to attempt to get them seen by a much wider audience. For various reasons (conflicting priorities on my side) that never happened, and i’m therefore especially happy that he’s putting on this show.