Well, that was good. Birthday on a Tuesday leads to four day weekend. Work has been some what ‘full-on’ since the start of the year so it was a good time. Spent a great deal of the time in wardrobe construction mode over the weekend, but the last two days have been more laid back.

Went to the Deichtorhallen this afternoon to see a Saul Leiter retrospective. Really good. Lots of messing around with layers and reflections, putting complexity into the images beyond the mundane human aspect / storytelling shot. Odd that i’d never heard of his work as i’ve been aping him for years now. Took this on the way to the gallery:

Ridiculous really… go take a look at his work. Recommended.

Have just finished off the day with a meal of daal and chapati, with a “splash” of wine. Back to it tomorrow, feeling somewhat better about it all.

Wise words...

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