Remember Nokia?

You know, the magical story of the Finnish forestry / paper company that became one of the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturers?  Well guess what, that was all wrong, they’re actually ‘finished’.

A little background. When i moved back to Europe my father gave me one of his cast-off Nokia phones. It’s a Nokia XpressMusic, and comes with a stylus (lost within hours) and plectrum (equally useful…) After some adventures i managed to tether (i think that’s the right word) my laptop to it, and use it as a modem until we got broadband installed. Recently i’ve been using the browser to read the news, look at the weather, before getting out of bed… that is when the damn thing doesn’t crash loading a page. It started to annoy me that i could read anything in japanese, the font files weren’t available.

Figuring that Nokia would be happy to provide me with font files for Japanese (they sold this phone / brick in Japan at some point) i went to their support site and asked where i could download the files to support display of Japanese. This is their response:

Thank you for contacting Nokia Careline.

We understand that you would like to have a langauge that can be able to read Japanes web page or mail, however, if the phone does not have the language already installed, you will not be able to use the language in the phone. Available language packages for Nokia phones are market dependant. Hence, Japanese language is only sold in Japan or countries where the language is mainly spoken. Installing Japanese language pack on your phone will void your warranty no matter who installed them.

If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Which pretty much amounts to, “We have it… but you can’t have it! And, if you do find a way to get it you’ll be breaking the contract you made with us”, or, more succinctly, “FUCK OFF!”

Obviously that’s not very helpful, and after the usually faff around with Windows only “debranding” software, i ended up copying a distinctly dubious looking set of font files into a hidden directory on the memory card and being able to display / read Japanese.

Nokia today reported an operating loss of €487 million for the quarter, a decline of €782 million from the same quarter a year ago, when it made an operating profit of €295 million. The declines seen at the handset maker were near-total, represented by a string of negative percentages down the balance sheet.

Is it any wonder?

Oh, and just for the giggles, i tried to update the thing to the latest version, which apparently makes the browser useable. Not allowed to do that either because the device was originally sold (unlocked!) through Vodafone, upgrades are have to come through them, and they haven’t seen it as worthwhile to make it available in the six months since it was released.

Should be waking up every day and giving thanks that i’m no longer involved in the clusterfuck that is the mobile business…

2 thoughts on “Remember Nokia?

    • yep. and thats the real sadness of a nokia phone, they are pretty much indestructable (hmm, wonder how recyclable they are?!) and the only thing that stops them remaining useful is the endless conveyor belt of new tat.

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