Tend to get a little up my own arse about cropping. For some reason it just annoys me that i’ve not composed the whole frame. It is no doubt related to a strong desire to only produce frames that are of a pleasing ratio. This tends to spill over into the images, expressed as an obsession with form over ‘content’. I couldn’t really give a shit if, for example, the girl is pretty as long as she’s arranged correctly in relation to the other forms in the frame. Not that it isn’t better if the girl is pretty as well. This isn’t going well… i’ll shut up now.

Here is a 6×6 shot cropped to 4×3, just because the shapes in the top part of the frame weren’t worth keeping. Such thinking is something of a radical departure for me.

I’m trying to spend a couple of hours each weekend working through the piles of accumulated cruft, and sorting out shots that belong together in sets of my portfolio. Thus far i’ve managed:

  • Tokyo Square – which is most random bits of Tokyo that happen to be 6×6. It’s the most catch all collection so far… probably needs break up, to get the later architectural stuff out of there.
  • Water Under The Bridge – panoramic shots of an expanse of concrete that i found particularly beguiling.
  • Turnings On – metal shavings in sunlight, shot outside a friends studio in deepest, darkest Kanagawa. Probably my favourite set of abstract work that i’ve done.
  • Ode To the North Coast – incomplete, and presumably ongoing, series of minimal / mathematically inspired portraits… that sounds dreadful. Don’t want to talk about it. Not sure it’s working. May have to give up on it!
  • Abstractions – various attempt to separate image from object. Probably requires more editing, and may not survive the process.
  • Woo-woo – numinous landscapes and buddhist iconography (in progress)
  • Tokyo Underground – the dreaded ‘trains and stations’ project that has been haunting me for years (in progress)

Still not entirely sure why i’m bothering. Hopefully that’ll become clearer when the process is complete. Suspect i’m attempting to draw a line under my photographic endeavours in Tokyo, with the idea that it’ll allow me to move on… some hope?