Funeral for his late virility

Cleaning out my mailbox. Mail reads (in part):

Des Esseintes stages a funeral for his late virility:

In the dining room, hung in black & opening on the transformed garden with its ash-powdered walks, its little pool now bordered with basalt & filled with ink, its clumps of cypresses & pines, the dinner had been served on a table draped in black, adorned with baskets of violets & scabiouses, lit by a candelabra from which green flames blazed, & by chandeliers from which wax tapers flared.

To the sound of funeral marches played by a concelaed orchestra, nude negresses, wearing slippers & stocking of silver cloth with patterns of tears, served the guests.

Out of black-edged plates they had drunk turtle soup & eaten Russion rye bread, ripe Turkish olives, caviar, smoked Frankfort black pudding, game with sauces that were the color of licorice & blacking, truffle gravy, chocolate cream, puddings, nectarines, grape preserves, mulberries & black-heart cherries; they had sipped, out of dark glasses, wines from Limagnes, Roussillon, Tenedos, Val de Penas & Porto, & after the coffee & walnut brandy had partaken of kvas & porter & stout.

Huysmans, what a glorious piece of Victoriana…


2 thoughts on “Funeral for his late virility

    • Oh that it were!

      I’d never really thought of Huysmans as a proto-goth, but despite being told that the above is the *only* good part of the book, i’m tempted to read Against Nature now!

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