As previously noted, i’ve made the move over to Ilford. And have ended up liking a combination of HP5+ and Delta Pro in various situations. Up until i’ve mostly been working blind. That is, developing the negatives, but not having any way to scan them. And, while it’s nice to have the occasional wetprint made, it’s not really a great solution for getting stuff out there on the net. (Pipe down at the back there Storey!)

Anyway, now i have a scanner i’ve been looking at some of the negatives.

Here’s a little chunk of 1-to-1 grain from the middle (Delta 400 Pro pushed to 1600 using Ilfotec DD-X at 20C):

Lovely and soft! I’m really rather happy. The only issue is that Ilford need to work on their quality control / consistency. They aren’t great at getting the film rolled, which seems to result in the film markings turning up really close to the exposed frame.

7 thoughts on “Ilford

    • Not missing much – there’s hardly any daylight to see anyway. But it’s true, i’ve spent the entire day scanning. Roll on the Sonnenwende…

  1. I have never had any rolled up problems with my Ilford. OTOH I haven’t shot Ilford recently anyway.

    • it’s either that the alignment of the film on the paper isn’t quite perfect, or their production process ends up occasionally producing rolls where the film markings are really close to the frame exposed on hasselblad.

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