Ever since the Mg project went quietly into the night, i’ve not had a place online to show exhibition selections. Flickr is fine as a stream consciousness / photography notebook tool, but when it comes to isolating the photography that you actually care about into discrete, isolated pieces, it’s far to cluttered.

Build / hosting my own site takes more… lets just say that i lack the patience for building websites after work. To those of you that manage it, hats off, etc.

This isn’t a new problem. A year or so ago i opened an account at a site called PortfolioBox. Unfortunately it turned out to be a disaster to use, and i lost interest. Today i went back and tried again.

Building that took me all of half an hour. Very nice. And, it gives me an uncluttered place to show my exhibited works.

The next question: is this the place to put up the other collections that seem to hang together in some way?

This photography thing is a hobby for me. Doing exhibitions with friends is a  fulfilling exercise, maybe even doing solo shows… although i don’t tend to shoot enough on one theme to make that possible. But, where is all this going? People aren’t lining up to commission me to shoot things for them, no stream of orders for prints trickles into my mailbox… is that even what i want?

Bah! Anyway, there are my exhibited works. Enjoy.