10 thoughts on “Scan Backlog

    • None that i could work out… it’s in one of the largest graveyards in Europe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohlsdorf_Cemetery) but is sort of out on its own by a pond, with nothing providing context.

      My best idea: sometimes you just need to get your tits out and take a couple of corpses for a drag around the cemetery. Nuf said.

      Or: it’s related to german folklore / wagneresqueness.

  1. ahh, it’s by Hugo Lederer and is called ‘the fate’ or ‘the destiny’ which at least makes some sense…

    but tits-out corpse dragging does appeal…

    • Oh, fantastic! I’ll be going back for some more of that…

      Thanks for bothering to look it up!

  2. I’m drawn to think that this has great interactive potential. I shall arrive with appropriate props next time.

    • They’re going to love us…

      If you’re coming back anytime soon i’d suggest wrapping up warm.

      • hahaha. European winter has reaquainted itself with your exposed regions, has it? Welcome back.

        • has been remarkably clement since we got back, but i sense it’s working up to something… something cold. snow in the afternoon… cold rain now and no degrees outside. the park is starting to look *stark* in it’s beauty!

    • Fate’s bitch seems like just the sort who’d get her tits out and drag some corpses around…

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