Back from a week in England. Happy to be home.

Maybe i’m projecting, but it feels more insular than ever. Turned inwards, fighting imaginary daemons, scared to look down out of fear for how much further it has to fall.

Spent more time than ever hiking the beaches, heaths, and cliffs.

This post was written to the mellow hateful tones of A Screw.

10 thoughts on “England

    • old swans recordings are extremely kakkoii. new stuff is simply vein openingly good 🙂

    • can’t imagine to what you are alluding!

      will be interested to see if i get a sense of it there this time… probably haven’t been away long enough to notice much difference. shall find out soon.

  1. Spent a few weeks in the US recently. Multiple checkpoints. Multiple cities. Did not want to go. Am glad to be out. The bad stuff is going global, though. We are past the point. Duck.

    • You can laugh about it, but there is probably some truth to that… my stress levels are considerably lower when the babble of society just washes over me. Right now it requires some effort to really overhear peoples conversations and get any meaning out of them.

      M wonders if that was why it was time to get out of Japan – too much was getting through the idiocy filter!

  2. I like this idea of idiocy filter! Very much… As soon as you can get what your, er, “prochain” is saying on or to his cellphone (is there really somebody at the other end?) without having to actually pay attention you’re screwed. Which is sad in a way as it prevents one to live in his own country.
    A side effect of this dawned on me the first time I came back to France after having moved to Denmark. I was addressing random people in the street, answering their questions and whatnots because as I got into this frame of mind that each time I understood people it was because they addressed me, specifically. A great deal of awkwardness ensued, which I enjoyed tremendously once the first one passed.

    • yep, pretty sure it’s no longer possible for me to go back…

      not quite as extreme, but i found myself mockingly repeating some of the uttered idiocy back to M. it’s funny, as much as it seems to ignore me, being pulled down to that feels peevish.

      never tasted anywhere as bitter…

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