Why Isn’t Cut and Paste A Stack?

Every post containing a quote and a link requires swap between the windows to copy first the quote, and then the URL for the link. And hence my question, why isn’t cut and paste a stack based system? Even if it wasn’t by default, it’d be really useful as an extension. In fact just by adding a modifier to Control-C/X and Control-V would create something useful:

Ctrl-C – copy the selected text, clearing the stack

Shft-Ctrl-C – push a copy of the selected text on to the stack

Ctrl-V – copy the selected text, peeking from the stack

Shft-Ctrl-V – push a copy of the selected Text off the stack

Wonder how much use it’d get if it was there? The default behaviour is identical to what we have now, so where is the harm? What am i missing? Maybe we don’t have this because of past memory restrictions… can’t see why it’s not doable now.

Our New Monopolist?

Remember back when Microsoft was a big nasty predatory monopoly dominating the industry? In order to fend off the unwanted attention of regulators, they went to some rather extraordinary lengths to keep their ‘competitors’ alive. In the end, of course, it actually took regulation to re-balance the market, but that was quite a few years, and many monopoly dollars, later. Obviously lessons have been learned:

The search site and advertising purveyor [Google] has talked to at least two private-equity firms about helping them bankroll a deal to buy Yahoo’s core business, says The Wall Street Journal, which cites “a person familiar with the matter.”

Unfortunately it’s the monopolists doing the learning, not the regulators. What a surprise.

Also, this:

Another argument for updating ECPA: Internet users currently enjoy more privacy rights if they store data locally, a legal hiccup that could slow the shift to cloud-based services unless it’s changed.

What are the odds that this ends up with a levelling of the field of play such that there is no advantage or additional protections to storing data locally? Why fund legislation that doesn’t push people into your business…