That Septic Isle…

We’re going to visit England for a few days later in the month. In trying to decide if it was worth lugging the Hasselblad it occurred to me to look at the tide tables. Unbelievably (i don’t really mean that) the UK government websites now want money for tide tables more than 7 days into the future. As if citizens wouldn’t have any pressing need to know such information… incredible.

Consequently it’s worth me posting this link to National Oceanography Centre‘s Tidal Predication page, which give free data for the next month.

Hopefully nobody will give the bloodsucking fiends a penny… How long until i can get another passport?


3 thoughts on “That Septic Isle…

  1. Visitors are reminded to surrender all valuable organs upon arrival. Please take care to ensure that all non-essential soft-tissue has been removed before placing your items in the appropriate recepticals as you pass through the gate.
    Thank you.

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