Full Circle

Taken a while, but there it is.

Larry, the printer, has something like 40 years of experience. Spending some time in the darkroom with him is an amazing education. In an hour i at least managed to learn how little i know…

Can’t help but conclude that the real artists are the printers, and the rest of us are just button mashers!

Anyway, i’m going to stick with Ilford Delta 400 Pro pushed to 1600 in DD-X. That large strip is something like 50cm, and looks great. Really smooth grain, and a great tone. How much of that is down to the printing i don’t really know… i got asked some fairly complicated german questions about what i wanted to see in the print, and maybe didn’t answer all of them correctly. What i think i asked for was slightly lower contrast, and richer tone. Which some how maps to longer exposure of the paper at a smaller aperture… or maybe i have that backwards?

7 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Ha, you got me drooling on my keyboard here…
    Is that normal? I mean to drool over darkroom matter, questions, of the philosophical kind? What is contrast, what is a richer tone, sort of?

    Monday I’ll go hunt that photo-club at the Univ’ see if they can prevent me from sniffing some stuff…

    yours truly…

    • Normal? No, probably not, but it might be as sensible as any other response!

      I need some recommendation for books on darkroom technique, then at least i wont be making a fool of myself in these conversations. You remember Larry, right? Is English, speaks english socially. Put him in a dark room and all of a sudden it’s all german all the time. Most amusing.

    • thanks! pretty happy with it.

      the other bits ‘n’ bobs are just test strips. part of the process…

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