Ilford: first blood

A month later, and i’ve finally got to developing the backlog of film that has accumulated since we got here. Five rolls of 135 and two rolls of 120. The 135 was Tri-X and Agfa APX-100, developed in Rodinal (13mins @ 20C). The 120 is my first foray into Ilfotec DD-X, (pushed to 1600, 13m30s @ 20C) as described previously. Even pushed two stops, the Delta 400 Professional looks pretty good. I’ll take a negative in to Larry and get a print done. Not entirely sure that i’m worthy, but it’ll be a good test 🙂

The Ilford chemicals are nice. All liquid, and while i’m a little worried about how long they’ll last on the shelf, they are super easy to mix and work with. That said, paper cuts and citric acid really don’t mix. Ouch!

Also fresh back from the lab are two rolls of cheap colour negative C-41, and my last roll of Velvia, that must have been in the camera since Japan. For shame.


Forgot to mention that Jan Kopp seems a competent / professional lab. C-41 / E-6 in a couple of hours, and 4,20€ a roll. Thanks for the recommendation Tom!

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