I’m having a sort of photographic lull. Which isn’t to say that nothing is working, just that it’s all very random and directionless.

really happy with this one...

Attempting to carry on the architecture project in Hamburg feels wrong. Or at least i’m not inspired by it yet. Perhaps Tokyo really is some sort of magical city for photography. Certain it is hard to match for density and (architectural) diversity.

The River Elbe running through Hamburg, with all the associated docks, container ships, cruise liners, etc. is far more interesting than the buildings (which isn’t to say that the buildings are uninteresting, they’re just of a different scale / diversity / number). Unfortunately said river is also proving rather difficult to engage with: access is difficult, and short of actually living down by the water, so is timing.

In the meantime, while waiting for inspiration, i’m going through the motions. Shooting a bit of everything and wondering what will stick. It doesn’t feel very satisfying. Mope.