Paying it Forward?

This seems like an interesting experiment:

Sponsorship logos and advertising have become part and parcel of soccer matches and other spectator sports. One German newspaper, however, thinks the commercialization of sports has gone too far. Steffen Grimberg, of the left-oriented German paper die tageszeitung (taz), explained to Deutsche Welle why the left-oriented daily has decided to blur out sponsorship logos in its sports photos.

There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of coverage of this, which isn’t all the surprising. It seems to be mostly an attempt at attention grabbing / antagonism:

I’d say it’s more than just a stunt. Of course it has these elements of being provocative, of being perhaps a bit shocking, doing the out of the ordinary thing.

Obviously the sponsors aren’t paying the newspapers for promoting their brands in their sports coverage, and there is no sense here that is what Taz is angling for. Nonetheless it must feel akin to a poke in the eye to the sponsors. Everyone is supposed to be in this mess of branding together, paying if forward, playing their part to promote the required escalation of consumption. Pointing out that it is becoming overwhelming is akin to suggesting that the monarch is parading starkers.

That said, Germany is the least branded country that i’ve lived in. Admitted that isn’t saying much having grown up in the UK, moved to the US, and then onto Japan…

[Looking at their Sports page in the online version, it doesn’t look they’re trying the experiment online.]


2 thoughts on “Paying it Forward?

    • Yep, although it seems i managed to get a little more worked up about advertising that the professionals. 🙂

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