Really wasn’t sure how this was going to work out. Most of my reading over the last few years has been non-fiction. Something about the re-release of the trilogy of Gormenghast completed books, in a single illustrated edition, appealed to me.

Started reading it last night, ploughed through fifty pages before the bulk of the thing got too be much – it’s a thousand good quality pages. And, wow! Really didn’t want to put it down. The writing just folds around you, like some big heavy oppressively warm blanket. The atmosphere invoked by it all is more than simply strange; it is bizarre, unsettling, unnerving. In the extreme.

It doesn’t feel like anything i’ve ever read before… truly unique? Anyway, highly recommended. You can dip your toe in and read extracts here.


6 thoughts on “Gormenghast

  1. Oh no! Another one on the pile …
    I so much love/hate books and literature.
    Thanks anyway.
    Into “The difference engine” from Gibson and Sterling while taking a small break from “Infinite Jest” at the moment. I wanted to have a go at steampunk and it seems to be *the* one for that. Will see.

    • My advice, and no offence intended, is that your should read it in french… the vocabulary is huge, and it feels like half the joy is rolling around in that richness. Maybe you have the patience to read it in English, and not skip over the abundance of adjectives, but i know i’d struggle in anything other than my mother tongue!

      • None taken.
        Still I’ll keep it in English for it is part of a learning process for me… Wait?! Are you speaking of Infinite Jest or Gormenghast? Because I have Titus Groan in English in the metal trunk that will fly over the ocean to meet me in BC soon anyhow.

        • I meant Gormanghast. Can’t imagine Infinite Jest in any other language than english… and i gave up very early on!

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