Wild In The Woods Pt. 4345

Another one of these. Taken in the Stadtpark a few minutes walk from our place. Early mornings with that damp morning air and the first tickles of sunlight.

Edit: went to check, doing it better than they are… waiting for the work to start flooding in.

Edit 2: it’s a funny old world; now i’m listening to Dreams Made Flesh (back in the day she played that thing herself…), and compulsively repeating the hair-standing-on-end experience of watching Lisa Gerrard playing it live at the Town & Country Club, which looked a lot like this, but wasn’t because it was a few years later.


5 thoughts on “Wild In The Woods Pt. 4345

  1. heheh. I recall she had quite a strop because most of the audience were smoking, and the enoooormous fans that were set up on the sides of the stage to keep her cool were blowing our Marlboro fug straight at her.

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