Nothing to do with Homer

Infrared portraits are hard. You can’t autofocus, and you can’t see through the viewfinder to focus… it takes a bit of guess work when you’re up close. Helps to have a wide lens, preferably an L lens if you’re shooting Canon, as they have the IR focus offset marked. Let the autofocus pick a point and then adjust… yep, it’s a pain.

There is some odd 3D effect going on that i really like, could well be that it’s from shooting the lens wide open (ƒ1.4) and the subsequent lack of depth of field. Guess you don’t really see that in good light so much.

4 thoughts on “Nothing to do with Homer

  1. Oh!
    now this is starting to get interesting.
    The 3d effect is similar to what you get using mad ND filters when shooting video outside so you can get the narrow DOF that us DSLR filmakers have turned into such a cliche.
    This is beautiful.
    I sense a new series coming.
    Loving it already, more….much more!!

    • ah, that makes sense then – it’s just the lack of DOF.

      not sure that i can manage a series, at least it’s hard to imagine me shooting a bunch of ir street portraits… but i’ll certainly keep the filter in my pocket as it’s a fun thing to try to get right!

    • thanks. simply for the giggles i decided to wait over a week before saying so 🙂

      i’ve since determined that two of my favourite shots from this year are digital infra-red. really should stick with it…

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