Bronze Skies

I don’t think i’ve ever read Homer’s Iliad, but for some reason the idea of ancient Greece having bronze skies struck me recently:

Men talked like this to strengthen their companions. Then they fought on, the smash of iron rising up through the bronze sky.

– Homer, The Iliad. Book Seventeen, The Fight Over Patroclus

Which prompted this:

Digital infrared, obviously, but the white balance tweaked far enough to get the red mostly out of the way. That turns out not to be as easy as it should be, and requires creating an edited camera profile for Lightroom.

The process is documented in various places, by people who take these things far more seriously than me – even going as far as shooting a Pantone colour swatch in infrared and basing the white balance off that… I’m not sure what realism has to do with infrared photography. Isn’t the whole point that it’s a way of getting an other worldly look?

4 thoughts on “Bronze Skies

  1. A Homer quote to back up a faked IR photo?
    That can ONLY be a Jon Ellis blog post.
    Kinda interesting pic, I’m sure you can do much more with this tho……
    That is of course if you no longer want to be taken seriously due to “switching” to digital 😉

    • Pretentious? Moi?!

      I’m in the fortunately position of never having been taken seriously 😉 It has been fun to mix it up a little, but i’m looking forward to getting back to slow life of photography. Development gear is all here now… no more excuses.

  2. Little fluffy clouds (reminds me of a song!). I see you are itching to get back to normal shooting but enjoy the ease of use. Think of this as a way to test idea’s without the pain 🙂 Anywhere near you that has an open field with a big sky? Might want to try the same thing there 🙂 Never explore the infrared thing myself but I think if I was going to it would not be in the location I’m in now. i.e. I think you’re in the right place for it.
    Next up, the real thing with the filter and the film. Ouch! 🙂

    • Don’t suppose it was that one, but it’s a nice little ditty.

      Loads green and open space here, esp. if i sign up for the car sharing thing and drive out of the city a little way. Unfortunately it all rather flat – would have to go quite a way to find some decent hills.

      It’s actually easier with film – the 5D has a pretty strong IR filter; you end up taking multi-second exposures at ƒ1.4 and iso 1600 during the day…

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