Etwas Einfach

“Something simple”, i recall saying. Well, i’d say we managed that. If we can keep it all uncluttered it’ll be a victory for style over practicality. All snideness aside, it’s not a bad compromise given the space, and it’s certainly a vast improvement over not being able to cook and preparing meals on the floor.


9 thoughts on “Etwas Einfach

    • Hmm. Might be a while, we’re going to have to learn to cook without gas.

      I’ve made thai, and it was an exercise in frustration… not sure how you’re supposed to do anything asian with so little heat.

    • There is a small pantry off the right. At the moment it doesn’t have the necessary shelves, etc. but in time we’ll get that sorted.

      In what i can only describe as ‘middle-aged snobbery’ we’ve come out against Ikea, and appear to be determined to find things that we actually like, rather than taking the first functional piece of junk. This has most recently manifested itself as a set of Henkel pans…

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