No, not a state of confusion caused by exposure to too much Tokyo, but a new charity book to aide those effected by the Tohoku earthquake. There is great work, and even some of mine. More than the photographic effort, there is the effort made by close friends that really deserves to be rewarded by this being a success.

You want to buy a copy, so that you can say that you did your part. It’s published on Blurb, and you can read more at the Tokyo-Ga website.

More as an aside, it’s always difficult to know what kind of material to submit for a project like this one. It’s tempting to go with your most successful / well known shots and hope that they continue to have broad appeal. Or, to try to say some thing relevant to how you feel about the cause, topic, plight, etc. My two shots attempt to show different sides of Tokyo, the grind of living in one of the largest cities in the world, and the calm serenity found in buddhist art. Taken together they hopefully highlight some of the tensions / contradictionsof Tokyo life…

Wise words...

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