Kitchen Please

Coming up on the half way mark of our time in the flat with no kitchen (and perhaps less critically, no belongings…)

All we can cook with is a toaster oven… washing up is done in the bathroom (good job we have a separate toilet!) At least we have a fridge. My arms no longer need covering to escape being taken for a (incompetent) junkie. The E.Coli scare hasn’t helped; it removed a large part of our usual summer diet from the market. Fortunately that’s been called off, and with a little luck we should have a kitchen in another couple of weeks. Deep breaths.

Oh, and did i mention the washing machine? We have a washing machine. Gravity was on my side getting that thing into the cellar. And then we turned it on… Thinking i’d do the right thing, i read the instructions, or at least as much of them as seemed relevant. Do a wash with nothing in the machine it said. Use this program it said. Off it went. We dutifully sat and watched it wash water for something like a couple of hours. The thing didn’t look very level. Adjusted the feet. Checked with a coin. All good. Put some washing in the machine, watch it for a little while, get bored and come upstairs. A few minutes later the landlord is at the door saying that the washing machine has gone crazy and walked across the room. Water everywhere, but not to worry it’s a wet room. The levelling bolts are wound down. Level it again, this time with a spirit level, and lock the feet. Try to get it to finish the wash, but it’s shaking like ‘bam baalam’. Eventually get the washing out, and go to bed wondering about how to return a washing machine in German…

Get up the next day and read some more of the instructions. Turns out there are some shipping screws that need to be removed before use. They stop the drum from moving during shipping. During use they transfer all the movement to the body of the machine. Works great without them… Oh, and yes, i’ve since discovered that i’m the only person in Europe that didn’t know about these shipping screws, so save me the incredulity and just have a good laugh.