The list of accomplishments is growing! We have a bank account, flat, bed, washing machine, fridge (with beer in it!), internet gets connected on monday. Oh, we might even have health insurance… not sure about that one. By the end of the month our stuff from Japan should be here, and we’ll have a kitchen. It’s getting increasingly survivable.

Getting a 70kg fridge up a rickety, narrow, spiral staircase is not a great deal of fun. The German idea of delivery service is to take the goods to the first appreciable barrier, and give up. You’ve basically paid ~€50 to have a man unload a lorry. At this point you’re down to negotiating a price for the service for which you thought you’d already paid… When you’re used to Japanese levels of service, where two men will carry a fridge into your house, removing their shoes along the way, this can come as a bit of a shock. That said, once payment has been agreed, these chaps are nothing but enthusiastic in the efforts.

It doesn’t seem possible but there are still a bunch of stuff that needs doing. I’m guessing Germany is never going to run out of bureaucracy…