Made a few attempts to write a catch-up post this weekend. Getting to grips with it is turning out to be harder than expected… maybe some more stuff needs to get sorted out before it just flows.

The brief version is something along the lines of: we’ve been staying with a friend in Hamburg since we left Japan. This week we’ll start to move into our own place. It really didn’t take us that long to find somewhere, but between needing a week to decompress from the move at the other end, and the inevitably rigorous process of moving into a German flat, a month has passed.

I’m just about managing to stay productive at work. It’s a real struggle to balance all the stuff needed to move and the demands of wrapping up features for a release, and being handed an, admittedly cool but very involved, new chunk of work.

More soon. Hopefully.

4 thoughts on “Travails

  1. If you wanted to say work or job in a plural form in french in your title it should be travaux and not travails … just saying 🙂
    Hope all is going to be well, etc. and to see you in June.

    • This the problem with stealing words from so many languages – we’re left open to these jibes!

      Generally things are going well, but it’s all taking time. The next thing that i need to get sorted is that my passport expires in a few weeks and i’ve not done anything about it… it never seems to end.

  2. Yes, it never ends but, after you’ve gotten all the crap out of the way you usually have a reprieve for a bit. Maybe something in itself to look forward to 🙂

    Just back from Italy. You must be in a good neighborhood, not sure how I could cope long term with all those Europeans after my Italian tourist experience 😉

    • Oh, and i’m so looking forward to it right now!

      Italy is quite the adventure. Don’t think i could *ever* consider living there… just visiting is close to enough to wear me down. Up here in the north things are a little more organised and consequently more bearable!

      Will give you a bell sometime soon and hear all about it 🙂

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