Made a few attempts to write a catch-up post this weekend. Getting to grips with it is turning out to be harder than expected… maybe some more stuff needs to get sorted out before it just flows.

The brief version is something along the lines of: we’ve been staying with a friend in Hamburg since we left Japan. This week we’ll start to move into our own place. It really didn’t take us that long to find somewhere, but between needing a week to decompress from the move at the other end, and the inevitably rigorous process of moving into a German flat, a month has passed.

I’m just about managing to stay productive at work. It’s a real struggle to balance all the stuff needed to move and the demands of wrapping up features for a release, and being handed an, admittedly cool but very involved, new chunk of work.

More soon. Hopefully.


THIAPS, The International Analogue Photographic Society is a platform for photographers who love the tactile quality of film-based images, who enjoy the wet and warm smell of developers and fixative, with a strong belief that “Film is not dead; it just smells funny.”

I like saying ‘THIAPS‘. It makes a nice sound…

Back in March, and completely out of the blue, i received a request to include two of my recent Tokyo shots in an upcoming THIAPS Urban book. Despite missing the deadline several times (there was a lot going on at the time…) Frans still included them in the final book. Frans, thank you your patience!

A preview of the entire book is online here at Blurb. My two shots are on pages 28 and 29. If you display it fullscreen you can just about make out the scant details. The book looks really well put together and i think Frans made some interesting choices for the theme.

[While we’re here: apologies for the lack of updates / communication over the last couple of weeks. We’ve moved to Europe (Hamburg, Germany, to be precise) and are still in the process of sorting out a place to live, dealing with the inevitable paperwork, and trying to remembering that we did this for the adventure.

A big post on the whys and wherefores of leaving Japan and coming back to Europe will be forthcoming at some point in the not too distant future.]