Under Pressure

Not that you’d know…


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Quite a nice shot…a departure for you in a way. Now what would that pressure be all about…? How is the exhibition going by the way? Not quite as celebratory as last year’s I might presume, but all in all there’s got to be someone keeping morale up…

    • Yes, it hard to imagine… everything is so idyllic around here!

      What with constant rumbling and exploding nuclear power plants, it has been rather tricky to make trips out to Shinjuku to checkup. Extrapolating that onto the behaviour of others, i’m going to guess that it has been rather quiet.

      We’ll attempt to gently rally the troops on Saturday, but in a ‘only if you feel completely safe about coming’ sort of way. Expect it’ll be quiet.

      So it goes… It looks good on the walls even if few people see it.

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