Broader Horizons

For the last six months i’ve been shooting for an exhibition. Nothing grand, just the second year of a show that is done with three friends. Last year was an education. However, this year was a completely different kind of challenge. I set myself the task of doing something original (where ‘original’ is defined as doing something that none of my immediate circle of acquaintances was doing, and not aping a style that i already knew). Despite my best intentions this ended up being a nightmare.

It’s one thing to have a clear idea in your mind and go out to shoot it. It’s quite another to have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, and spend six months hoping that there is some consistency and clarity to what you are doing. In some ways it’s not dissimilar to starting out on a coding project that you know isn’t going to come to fruition for several months–along the way there are going to be times when you wonder how the whole is going to hang together with the parts…

But here i am, six, or is it nine, months later, with what appears to be a decent set of photographs. Maybe they aren’t as consistent as i’d like them to be, but they broadly fit into the theme, as it was initially defined. Certainly there are some bonus points that i failed to pick up along the way… however, i’m happy. Mostly because it was hard work and it’s done!

More than anything, it’s nice to be able to go out and look at other things!