ATM Bank Charity

Honestly, this would make more sense with the porn definition of ATM, but here we go:

Cash machines should automatically give customers an option of donating to charity, the coalition proposes tomorrow in a green paper designed to define the elusive “big society” in Britain.

Yes, that’s right, the general public, who are experiencing loss of income and wealth like never before are being badgered to donate to charities when they go to the bank. To the bank?! Are these people having a fucking laugh?

This is apparently an effort to “shift what the coalition sees as the stubborn British refusal to be philanthropic with time or money”. My guess is that British people are a little stubborn when it comes to philanthropy because they’re sick of getting shafted six ways to Sunday buy the institutions of english life! Rip-off Britain – it’s so good that it gets it’s own page on wikipedia…

Back when the Captains of Industry were busy trying to appease their guilty consciences over their raping of the working poor during the industrial revolution, they built public buildings, housing, donated their fortunes. Now it’s simply not fair to ask the rich to pay extra taxes on incomes (that in many cases that are the result of exploiting the less well of in society) but it’s alright to badger everyone to be more charitable.

I guess this is what happens when you have a government of millionaires…


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