Had a feeling this particular picture was going to come in handy…

The twit on the left is Zac Goldsmith, son of Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart (you really couldn’t make this shit up…) and Sir James Goldsmith. The twat in the middle is his campaign manager (David Newman). If you have any experience of english society you know that they are a couple of public school educated, upper class twits / twats. The term, as far as i’m concerned, is interchangeable.

What makes Goldsmith an especially malignant form of twat is that he worked as an environmental (where only the ‘mental’ part seems to count) journalist, and ran as a Conservative candidate. Part of the Conservative manifesto is a pledge to sell off England’s woodlands to the private sector. To quote:

Part of our policy is clearly established: we wish to proceed with very substantial disposal of public forest estate, which could go to the extent of all of it…

That’s public schoolboy James Edward Thornton “Jim” Paice telling it like it is…

Let’s be honest, these people are hell bent on building a neo-feudal England. The fact that Zac Goldsmith wore environmental colours before being elected does nothing to disguise that his true allegiance lies with people who think that the privatisation of railways, water, gas, electricity has benefited the people they govern. Actually, i’m not that naive, they don’t think anything of the sort, they know full well that delivering the assets of a nation into private hands allows for the maximisation of profit, and to hell with the future!

Treesonous… get it?!


2 thoughts on “Treesonous…

  1. read about this a few days ago. Not the trees, really not the trees. It’s not like everything else they’ve done, or plan to do, is any less repugnant. But we feel that we can take it, the media question our stoicism if we voice anything against anyways and we suck it in, wish to line them up along a wall at some later date for sure but suck it in nonetheless and almost take pride in our misery. Dunkirk Spirit and all that but the trees. This is so obviously what there about (which is as you said -too tired to add my own words tonight) and no-one will be convinced it is for any greater good. This could be the start of the end one hopes, the step too far, the spark of the fire that will burn out of control in English people’s anger. Apt that forests started it. I truly have never felt so impotent as i felt when i read that news. I am thousands of miles away and can do nothing, nothing. Where’s Swampy at? His day has come again.
    Talk soon

    • Get used to hearing, in those clipped old etonian tones, “the policy is unavoidable given the economic situation we inherited from the last government”. Obviously it has no more meaningful than the disgusting, “we’re all in this together”, but they are running a very tight PR ship. Unless there is massive protest from the rural conservatives this sell-off, in some form, will come to pass.

      The idea that the Lib Dems will bring down the government over this, after allowing the passage of the student fees hike… not a hope.

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