Upper Class Twit of the Year?

This picture, and the associated piece in the Grauniad, just about made my week.

The ‘wearing poppies in China’ angle is just classic… say what you like about the chinese, but they certainly have long memories when it’s convenient!

It’s pretty hard to pick a winner, as much as i’d like to pick Gideon, he, along with Vince (the Cable) does at least appear to have managed to grasp the concept of drinking the champagne. Cameron is giving it his best shot, but perhaps managed to look like a disdainful simpleton. Gove, however, looks the most likely to either attempt to snort the stuff, or throw it over his head.

Ah, they must have had a gloriously post-colonial time! Half way around the world while the plebs sacked the party head-quarters. I’m sure no questions were asked…

Maybe it was a one off, but the idea that English youth is going to take to the streets fills me with some kind of middle-aged joy. This certainly wasn’t a generations poll tax riots, but the mere fact that they were out there (almost) ‘chuckin bricks at pigs’ is a positively joyous. The collective suspension of disbelief (that the people were also going to get screwed by the left) has given way to reversion to the comfortable old class warfare.

It still doesn’t seem possible that a more palatable alternative will emerge anytime soon, but it has been enough to have me humming White Riot and Anarchy in the UK for a few days.

6 thoughts on “Upper Class Twit of the Year?

    • It seems, well, ridiculous that the class divisions are still as distinct as they obviously remain. The huge difference in the accent and tone of government spokesmen (and yes, they are predominately men) is really marked. I’ll admit that i was moderately annoyed by the relentless wall of scottish and northern working class that new labour trotted out, but it turns out that what i really loath is old etonians!

      what is it, something like ten plus millionaires in the cabinet? yeah, i can imagine they are really in touch with the people they are supposed to represent. cunts.

  1. Fabtastic take on the event Mr Ellis. Continue please with pithy and razoring wit to dissect the idiocies of this world for our entertainment and enlightenment. And I know that sounds like a piss take but is meant as a compliment.

  2. That sungypsy fellow is right you are a funny old codger;-)
    The recent ‘tiffs’ at the conservative party headquarters also had me reliving some angry tunes from my youth.
    Unfortunately this old codger is left with the same old taste in my mouth, “I fought the law and the law won”.

    • if i’m honest i expect any protestor to be bought off pretty cheaply. far too comfortable to really get into an extended scrap.

      the new underclass, the ‘undeserving poor’, will most likely be forced in the (criminal in)justice system just to survive. going to be interesting to watch that hopeless optimist ken clark attempt to reduce the prison population while his chums are striving for victorian england without the poor houses!

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