Anybody Need an Album Cover?

When i line up my photographic dreams they make quite the parade.

Depending on the day, i either want to be: shooting for 23 envelope; floating around under the south china sea cataloging coral reefs for future generations (but with a little more style than your average marine biologist); hiking through the mountains of japan shooting buddhist statuary…

That’s a lot of dreams for a man who tends not to leave the house five days a week.

2 thoughts on “Anybody Need an Album Cover?

    • You big charmer!

      The photographer for most of the pieces that we know was actually a chap called Nigel Grierson. Vaughn Oliver was the art director. He took everything from the classic Mesh and Lace Modern English cover, up to the Xmal’s Fetisch, and It’ll End in Tears.

      Unfortunately there isn’t much of his other work on the ‘net.

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