William McDonough

Well, that’s a pretty soul destroying read:

It’s hard not to wonder, even with Al Gore’s Hollywood engine behind him, whether this is really the man to lead the next industrial revolution. Or whether, as McDonough says, rising with a gasp, “there’s an easier way to do this.”

It’s always rough when someone that you think (and really i do still think he’s a visionary) turns out to be, in his own words, capable of running a hardware store, and not much more.

To get some idea of what he’s like in full flow have a watch of this, from back in the year 2000 @ Bioneers. No doubt some of you will be sick of me recommending that video, but for me it really does ask all the right questions and give the right answers. Shame he’s proving incapable of the magnanimity required to implement.

5 thoughts on “William McDonough

  1. Seen, and recommended, it several times over by this point. The point being, we know what the problems are (at least some of them) and we know waht to do (at least we think we do), so what’s next? Waiting until something is cheaper than coal? If McDonough isn’t game enough to do anything more than run his own architecture firm to redesign burgeoning Chinese cities (10 yeas on now), and just carp about how “there’s an easier way to do this,” but not do anything about it, can you blame him? It’s not like anyone else is selflessly filleting the assassins at the helm. Or should we just leave it up to Michael Moore?

    • It’s not that i expect him to do it all alone, in fact that’s almost completely the opposite point to that made by the article! Many people have tried to take the C2C process forward, but have been stymied by McDonough’s unwillingness to license the process at reasonable terms.

      I think that everyone is asking him to give up a little control, and let the idea fly… that isn’t as huge an ask as demanding that he take it all on and win!

  2. Didn’t actually “read the article,” so if that is the point, then Yes of course, that is right. If for no other reason Jon Stewart’s Sanity To Restore Rally may have come at the perfect moment (but then again I just rode across America in a Greyhound…not sure that anything will work at this point).

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