x by y

Uchujin’s post reminded me of the above picture (where someone kindly explained to me that the faery lights were caused by light bouncing off the film / sensor, and being reflected back (again) by a filter), which in turn made me want to reprocess the shot. Not sure what kind of ‘look’ i was going for in the original, but it feels very heavyhanded now.

In turn this reminded me of a long discussion on Sunday evening regarding this shot of Sean’s. There is very little similar between the shots, Sean’s has his trademark cinematic look, whereas this seems rather closed / foreshortened. No colour washes, or sense of mystery here either… but hey, i’ve stolen the crop!

6 thoughts on “x by y

  1. Oh get us with our self-referential blog posts.
    What do you think this is Ellis? the 21st Century?

    Thanks for the input by the way.Still think the effect in my video is aggravated by the rain on the lens, but happy to know there is some physics involved too 😉

  2. The crop, in turn was stolen by me from Curtis. All fun. Colours are great in this one. Don’t know what the issue is. hmm. Might have to post an example of something different but similar to keep this conversation going.

    • the ‘issue’ is those green lights around her face. they’re clearer in the version on flickr, that i guess must be why i processed it that way!

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