Funky Diving

After getting myself into a bit of a funk at the end of last week some much needed diving was hastily arranged. As luck would have it, the wind moved round to blow out of the north, the dreaded ‘北風’ and my usual dive site was closed, or about to close, for the day. And, as luck would have it, having just checked the website, it didn’t actually close. Fuck.

Anyway, spent a day splashing around in the muck and grime of Yawatano, one of the few places that reliably stays open in most weather. The downside is that there isn’t much to see… but sometimes you need to get under the water.

In the process of doing these dives i managed to rip the mouth piece off the second stage of my regulator. Oops. Doing (almost) a complete dive on your backup regulator (amusing referred to as an ‘octopus’) isn’t a great deal of fun. The flow of air isn’t particularly gentle, not doubt it’s adjusted to satisfy the lust for air that would likely occur if you have to use it in anger, and is insanely dry. Using it upside down – it’s on the wrong side of your body to make it easier for your buddy to grab – also leaves you open to inhaling all sorts of little bits of crap that might be floating around in the water.

All in all, it shouldn’t have been a great day. Nonetheless i feel much better for having gone. Will try to fit in another dive at IOP before the end of the month (even if it does mean borrowing a regulator – yuck!)

Edit: something odd (great!) is going on with my breathing. Both dives today i came back to shore with half a tank. This was after 45mins, max. depth mid to low 20m. That isn’t itself very unusual. What is strange is that two other people diving the same profile (and a little shallower) came back with a quarter tank (sensible limits). Perhaps i’ve grown gills? This has happened the last couple of times as well… as far as i can tell, i’m no fitter (in fact i’ve hardly had any exercise days in the last month), and doing nothing different. Yes, i’m relaxed in the water, but that seems to have been the case for quite a while. Wasn’t really expecting another big jump…