The Fight on the Beaches


10 thoughts on “The Fight on the Beaches

    • This beach remains unspoilt / unspoiled… out on the horizon you used to see oil rigs, but now the machine that plants windmills.

        • i have had people seriously ask me what i think the effect of us removing so much energy from the lower atmosphere will be… perhaps we’re just used to everything that we do having terrible unintended consequences!

    • that’s a good thing. have to say that it was extremely beautiful on the coast while we were there. mostly huge blue skies, the kind of thing that usually only graces late summer, with a few days of fog just to remind you that it’s there.

      i’ll post some happisburgh shots sooner or later. get you to a coast!

  1. Wow, gorgeous color from the master of dour himself (meant in the most positive film noir-y way possible). These coasts certainly do look great…compared to coming by ship from the bluest-greenest open Atlantic seas into the dumpy browns and desultory grays of the eastern seaboard (Boston, New York Harbors). Maybe we shouldn’t have dumped that tea all those years ago…it started a trend.

    • It’s the North Sea – over-fished, polluted, hemmed in by huge populations…

      Maybe that’s the oceans biggest problem: superficially it can appear healthy and vibrant from the surface, while actually being close to death. The water is getting clearer, at least compared to how i remember it as a kid. Perhaps that’s just that the sewage treatment has improved. However, the fisheries are gone, even the crabs are close to extinction… as the local paper said a few years ago, “Eat the crabs while you can, this year might be the last!”

      Did i mention that we’re doomed as a species?

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