An Industrial Romance

The view from Hamburgs No. 62 public boat line. It’s hard to beat taking a trip on the River Elbe, drinking a beer, and watching the sun go down…

6 thoughts on “An Industrial Romance

  1. It’s amazing how looking at toys, be they big or small, really never gets old, no matter how much we do. How boring would this have been when you were eight, but at 28 or so…ahem, it’s just magic. It’s like drinking your first beer ever and realizing the fuss everyone is making over this thing that tastes like shit only comes with age and proper context.

    • it’s such a boys thing… my better half was not won over by the industrial beauty of the place – we even took the boat out as far as the Airbus factory. who says i don’t know how to show a girl a good time?!

      really is one of my favourite parts of europe. thoroughly civilised, and with a genuine feeling of freedom / responsibility. an enclave of sanity in a western world gone mad.

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