Tri-X in Rodinal

The death of Presto has moved my good friend, and mentor, Thomas, onto Tri-X. I was earnestly trying to convince him that if he wanted interesting grain, he should have a go at developing it in Rodinal. It’s something of a struggle to explain the differences, and no doubt, almost entirely subjective.

The easiest thing is an example, so here is an extreme case:

(click to see it a little larger)

Tri-X in Rodinal @ 20ºC for 13mins. Gentle agitation for the first 30s, and for 5s every minute. Taken using a 6×9 back on a 4×5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic, and an 8″ Dallmeyer-Pentac f/2.9 lens.

3 thoughts on “Tri-X in Rodinal

  1. I’ve got about 40 rolls of presto 120 in my freezer- – any idea if you can push 100 Acros to 400 with comparable results?

    • the furthest i’ve pushed acros is to 200. however, my guess is that if you left it in super prodol for ~9 or 10 mins @ 20ºC you’d get pretty close to 400.

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