Bamboo Feast

It’s bamboo shoot (筍) season – time for a feast!

Today for lunch i made:

  • bamboo, tofu, bok-choy (チンゲンサイ), ginger, hot and sour soup (白胡椒と黒酢)
  • bamboo, shitake, turnip leaf stir fry (w/salt and black cane sugar (黒糖))
  • bamboo, leek tops (九条ネギ), garlic, black beans (豆豉), and chilli

It was, even though i do say so myself, fucking awesome!


10 thoughts on “Bamboo Feast

    • we buy the bamboo from local farmers, and have to go through the process of getting the tannin cooked out of it, etc. it’s all very rustic… and consequently, hugely enjoyable!

    • rather wish i’d taken some pictures…

      get all excited with the cooking, but it was fun to make three dishes!

  1. Good thing you realized that in the end, without photographic evidence, verification lives on only in your gut and in your output. Half the reason I cook is to shoot it, maybe more. Cooking for others I rarely even get to eat more than a sample of the wonder stuff…you have a digital camera, so there’s no excuse.

  2. Hmmm. The conjunction between the convenience of digital photography, the desire for evidence, lack of excuse, and (ahem)’output’ is making me worry as to the content of your next post.

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