Pink Negatives

I’ve been developing quite a lot of Kodak T-Max 400 recently. One of the problems with the negatives is that they have a purple-ish / pink tint after being fixed. The Kodak support page says the following:

Important: Your fixer will be exhausted more rapidly with these films than with other films. If your negatives show a magenta (pink) stain after fixing, your fixer may be near exhaustion, or you may not have used a long enough time. If the stain is slight, it will not affect image stability, negative contrast, or printing times. You can remove a slight pink stain with KODAK Hypo Clearing Agent. However, if the stain is pronounced and irregular over the film surface, refix the film in fresh fixer.

which suggests to me that the fixing time for Fuji Super Fix is probably longer than the 6mins that i’ve been using… or the fix is close to used up. The latter doesn’t seem likely to me, as the last couple of rolls of Neopan that i developed came out perfectly grey. Although, it does warn that it uses up developer faster than usual film, and the rolls that Manny processed were fine. All very confusing.

It could also be that there is some important difference between the Fuji QuikWash and the Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent… but that doesn’t seem very likely.

The next rolls of T-Max that i process can sit in the Fixer for a good ten minutes! If that doesn’t sort it, it can go in a fresh batch, and at least i’ll know.

8 thoughts on “Pink Negatives

    • Thanks John. I see that you also have a minimal development process… i documented mine, and it’s rather involved in comparison.

  1. switch to TF-5! Fixing time is only 3 minutes so your negatives have less wet time. It is also alkaline, like all developers, so the change from developer to fix is less shocking to your film. AND you only need h20 to rinse between dev and fix, so no stop. It rocks. Made by Photographer’s Formulary.

    • interesting, thanks for the information. will have a look and see if something similar is available in japan.

    • I’ve done a little, but don’t currently have a darkroom at home, meaning i have to rely on friends kindly letting me intrude.

      To be honest, it feels like the kind of endeavour that i’d need to spend serious amounts of time on to develop any real proficiency. Currently i can make a print, and maybe manipulate it a little, but still very much a beginner.

    • i carried on using the fixer – it’s fine. the problem would appear to be that Fuji SuperFix isn’t so super at fixing kodak t-max. It really does need 10mins to do the job.

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