Tainted Blood

The infamous tainted blood products scandal in Japan, that came to a conclusion, of sorts, a few years back, with the government and companies involved making payouts to the victims, has always been shocking. It seemed horrendous that the government would protect companies from having to pay compensation by not admitting guilt. In the end the victims got compensation and company officials were charged with manslaughter. Not a bad result, but obviously too slow coming. Bad Japan, not the sort of thing that would happen elsewhere…

On a recent Newsnight there was piece about hemophiliacs in the UK contracting Hep. C and AIDS from tainted blood products in the 1980s. What was shocking to me, besides the fact that the UK Government was still refusing to admit guilt to protect the companies involved, was that the blood was being sourced from the american prison system! Can you imagine any worse source of blood than that?

It would appear that a hemophiliac, now with liver cancer in a transplanted liver, is going to attempt to get the UK government to admit guilt in the high court. Freedom of information requests have already shown that the government knew at the time that they were incompetent, and trying to cover it up. Sadly it’s unlikely that the corporations that supplied that tainted products will lack indemnity protection, so the burden will fall on the public.

More on the UK case in the Guardian.


8 thoughts on “Tainted Blood

  1. The same blood problem in Spain, same origin.

    Recently we known that there´s a new “liver provider”: in China some hospitals are making liver transplants (illegal, of course) for foreign customers coming from chinese convicts, but denies any implication on that. Some tellings talk about 150.000 euro for a kidney…

    Terrible 😦

    • You mean the blood products in spain were also coming from the US prison system?

      I’m currently interested in the US prison system. There is an implication that the slave labour system has been recreated using the prisoners as labour. US corporations can now take out contracts with the prison system to acquire production at below minimum wage rates. This gives the corporations a perverse motivation to keep prison populations high. The amount of production currently coming from prison labour in the US is quite incredible.

      • Yeah, same origin, but wasn´t very widespread news.

        About the slave labour system, it´s the legendary (but true) double morality of the US… mankind has progressed in many things, but as a society we´re still stuck in the Middle Age: we still keep on killing each other, only the methods have improved.

        (my written english is bad lately)

    • I’ve never had heard anything about this sad stuff. I’m curious about the data, how far is going all this fc*k’n shit around the world? Nobody knows where the hell blood is coming when you’re involved in a requirement (being conscious).

  2. The U.S. prison system has been competing with China, Taiwan & India for years, this is nothing new. No one cares and if they pretend to, well, they’re lying. It’s much like Japan, in that most Americans couldn’t give a shit about what goes on inside, though unlike Japan, which is the most regulated and orderly system I’ve ever seen, the U.S. prison system is akin to Dante’s rings of hell (take your pick from 7-3). Not to mention it’s too big to even touch. Hell, we can’t even close our offshore prisons without a fight from Congress (what, they’re still breathing…oh yeah, they have universal health coverage…), and you think anything will be done about the Super Maxes other than exploitation of the detritus of the Super-Capitalistic machine that is the U.S. Debt Production Robot? So we sell stock in the management companies who run them, we sell their wares, we sell their blood and organs even. Caveat emptor mother fuckers, maybe it’s that old shipping off prisoner karma coming back on you.

    • karma is a bitch. especially if you’re english.

      i’m more interested in understanding what exactly is happening than getting morally outraged about it all… there must be some data on, say, how much of GDP or manufacturing output is generated using forced labour (refusing to work results in being confined to solitary).

      if you know of anything documenting the current situation please send it my way.

    • This is an overview which reflects some of the numbers that i heard:

      According to the Left Business Observer, the federal prison industry produces 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens. Along with war supplies, prison workers supply 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly services; 93% of paints and paintbrushes; 92% of stove assembly; 46% of body armor; 36% of home appliances; 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office furniture. Airplane parts, medical supplies, and much more: prisoners are even raising seeing-eye dogs for blind people.


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