Duke and I are having a hard time…

This morning i skipped my swim to rejoin the battle with teh crazy camera i have on loan from Scart Labs. It feels like i’m slowly getting to grips with it, but in the immortal words of someone, “damn thing was crazy! bam-bah-lam!”

It doesn’t help that the polaroid back refuses to spit out the film. Maybe i’ll get better results with real film…

Still, you can’t help but be excited by the softness in the background. If the beast can be tamed, i think it’s going to be spectacular! Obviously i’m working up to the coke machine; one does not prostrate oneself before God without the requisite training…

6 thoughts on “Learning…

    • i think i need to stop messing around with polaroid – that stuff is junk! things are much happier in real film land.

  1. I plugged a Polaroid back to the RZ67 finding it quite fun to play with, and speeded up the process of learning. Of course, there´s a lot to practice&learn already.

    • Yep, it’s good for that, but not terribly forgiving… at least the FP-400B SS. Of course it could be that i’m just completely lost using this camera!

  2. hmm, I can see a knowledge trade being done here. I have no idea where you find the time but I’m glad you are getting to grips with it (and the camera too!)

    • it’s pretty much the same as the hasselblad, but with a few extra steps. think flex-body and you’re close.

      once you can sit and play with it for a while it’s pretty straightforward. let me know if you want to come round and have a go.

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