Golden Gai (in Blue)

Took the venerable 10d out for a ride the other night. Forgotten how slow and clunky it is to use: autofocus doesn’t work in the dark; it takes an age to save one shot; and the shutter button is almost dead!

Playing with a 50D for a few minutes was a bit of a revelation… perhaps i’ll have to get one of these new fangled digital camera things?

Been a while since i shot and processed a batch of digi-snaps. Hate to have to admit it, but it was quite an enjoyable change of creative pace. There. I said it. Happy now, Adrian?


16 thoughts on “Golden Gai (in Blue)

  1. Dear Dark Geeklord,
    I’ve been reading your blog on my trusty Sinclair ZX81 with its membrane keyboard and 1K of Random Access Memory (enough for anyone surely?), but the other night I went to a friend’s house and they let me play with their fancy schmancy new Personal Computer thingumy bob.
    It was a bit of a revelation, did you know this here World Wide Web is in Colour? and you can listen to music and watch videos and all kinds of Star Trekky stuff on them too?, … perhaps i’ll have to get one of these new fangled PC whatjamecallits.
    Hate to admit it but it was a refreshing change of pace to not have to listen to those Aphex Twin beeps for 20 minutes as the software loaded.
    Your photographs looked lovely on my friends Personal Computer too.
    Yours ever so sincerely,
    Lonely in Basildon

    (sarcastic enough for you????)

  2. Get a 5D MKII. I am totally happy with that camera. Film is fun, but such a digital camera is just an awesome beast. Especially compared to my 30D – which still works, but is not put in the retirement home next to all the other old digital stuff. And I am not going to change it shitty pants!

    • I’ve thought about getting a 5D mk II this year… really don’t want another crop sensor camera, but really don’t care about all the movie making junk. Wish they’d put out a stripped down full frame camera…

      Will look again in a few more months. Maybe after i go to europe and shoot with one for a few weeks.

      • Damn. That is a circle of Awesome.
        I’ll have to get a shot of your panorama camera sometime. Maybe I’ll run into you on the Joban line sometime?

        • be interesting to see if the pinhole panorama comes out…
          more likely that it’ll be in shibuya / shinjuku. mt trips on the joban were common at the end of last year, but not so much now.

  3. Have used the 50 mm. f/1.2 in the 10D?

    A 50D + an EF 50 mm. f/1.2 L smokes everything out there.
    The 5D mk2 is quite good to shoot in low light situations, but the AF system is nearly the same as the 50D, slightly improved from the 30D. That´s is the main reason because i haven´t changed the 30D… waiting for a 5D mk3 with a Nikon-like AF.


    • these shots are 50mm f1.2 on 10D. it’s fine as long as you manual focus 🙂

      i really don’t want all the extras in the 5D mk II, video doesn’t do anything for me, and i’m no convinced i need 21MP shots… if it has to be that good i’ll shoot it with hasselblad and neopan acros! however, waiting for canon to make a stripped down full frame sensor version of the mk ii feels like a pointless exercise.

  4. hey John, I just discovered your blog (and was quite surprised to see me again “Muuum! your son’s on the internet!!!”).

    I am a bit late for posting here, and I don’t know if you are still considering the 5d MkII, but being a happy owner of one and toying with an adaptor & manual focus lens, I just would like to point out (and insist sincerely) that live view is really helping for focus. I guess it would be really helpful to use with the 1.2…

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