New Magnesium Post: Izu Tripping

My second piece for Mg is now live. Brett dreamed up some text for me. He’s a very talented chap. The words flow out of him like honey slides… obscure reference for the day.

It has been good having another outlet for these photographs. Flickr is oriented toward the individual shot, and when you work on a series, it tends to get lost in the noise. This is especially true, if, like me, it sometimes takes a couple of years to feel that something is finished!

The shots in that piece were shot over a period of a year and a half. They’re all taken through train windows when going or returning from diving. Izu looks rather neglected these days, like an English seaside town, but with lush vegetation, torrential rain, and bamboo. Even though i obviously don’t remember it when it was a series of flourishing hotspring resorts, it evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia, which is obviously fake, and therefore manufactured, or ‘falsely recovered’. If you know Izu, i hope it does something for you…

And, yes, the day that it hammered down with rain lead to some really memorable diving!

4 thoughts on “New Magnesium Post: Izu Tripping

    • thanks! i know what you mean…

      as noted above, it has been good for me to start pulling these sets out of the noise.

  1. “Flickr is oriented toward the individual shot, and when you work on a series, it tends to get lost in the noise.”

    That´s a great true. I see the “collections” feature as a way to solve the problem but, who knows.

    And great pictures too, sir.


    • collections and sets in flickr would be better if people actually looked at them! flickr makes it far to easy to focus on the latest super-saturated-hdr-hypercontrast-baby-cuddling-kitten-at-sunset shot, so the sets get lost… also, it requires attention span of more than a page load to take in!

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