Duke and I are having a hard time…

This morning i skipped my swim to rejoin the battle with teh crazy camera i have on loan from Scart Labs. It feels like i’m slowly getting to grips with it, but in the immortal words of someone, “damn thing was crazy! bam-bah-lam!”

It doesn’t help that the polaroid back refuses to spit out the film. Maybe i’ll get better results with real film…

Still, you can’t help but be excited by the softness in the background. If the beast can be tamed, i think it’s going to be spectacular! Obviously i’m working up to the coke machine; one does not prostrate oneself before God without the requisite training…


Two crazy things:

  • Japan is once again the largest holder of US Treasuries
  • that pale green line is the UK holdings of US Treasuries, which have increased by ~$70Billion over the last two months… Where is that money coming from?!

And, it’s not just that Japan has increased it’s purchases, it’s that the Chinese are actively selling.

Someone should hold me and tell me that it’s all going to be alright…

More bewildering words at Zerohedge.

Golden Gai (in Blue)

Took the venerable 10d out for a ride the other night. Forgotten how slow and clunky it is to use: autofocus doesn’t work in the dark; it takes an age to save one shot; and the shutter button is almost dead!

Playing with a 50D for a few minutes was a bit of a revelation… perhaps i’ll have to get one of these new fangled digital camera things?

Been a while since i shot and processed a batch of digi-snaps. Hate to have to admit it, but it was quite an enjoyable change of creative pace. There. I said it. Happy now, Adrian?


Fragments of TokyoWhat a week! Last night we took the exhibition down, packed it all up, and went home… after a few beers.

It has been a great experience, and good to have so many people turn out. Don’t really know how many people we got through the door.

On the three days that i was there, there wasn’t a quiet moment… actually, around 6:30 last night, watanabe-san and i were the only ones in the gallery, we both thought it was all over. The relief was cut short by a couple of swedish photographers that we’d met in Golden Gai the night before, followed by a posse of drunk Mg’ers.

I’ve learned a couple of good lessons: everybody likes different shots, you have to get over all ideas you might have about which ones will be popular; pulling a series out of the mess on flickr, getting a consistent set of shots, really helps you see them for what they are; talking to people about photography for hours several days in a row takes it out of you!

The show as a whole came together really well. Even though we worked from a very loose theme, the four sets of pictures worked well together. That was luck, as we certainly didn’t plan it…

Wouldn’t say that, right now, i’m looking forward to doing it again, but give a few months and that’ll probably change. It’ll certainly be nice to get out there and shoot again without having this hanging over me.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the show, especially all of the friends who came along to support and helped out in so many ways. Love you all.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, i’ve posted my shots on the Magnesium site. Will have to see if the others are going to do something similar. If so i’ll send out links.