Magnesium & Exhibition: Fragments of Tokyo

It has been a busy couple of weeks. What a way to start the year…

Along with everything else, a bunch of very determined friends have opened a photography agency.


It’s not entirely clear what eventual form it will assume, but right now it’s a driven bunch of people seeing how far they can push a loosely associated group in the direction of being serious about photography.

The mix is also interesting. Inevitably there is a dichotomy (trichotomy?) of those who are journalist / commerical, and those who see it as an artistic endeavour. I seem to fall on the “artistic” side of the divide, but will do what i can to support those who want to try to make it their living.

My first contribution to the site is a bit of shameless self-promotion. Next month, along with three others, i’ll be doing my first exhibition. It’s a little bit nerve wracking, but i’m determined to make the best of it… and even though recently everything has been a touch stressful, pulling it all together has actually been a fun distraction.

If you’re in Tokyo for the week of the 8th of February, please drop in and take a look. No doubt we’ll arrange to get everyone together on one afternoon in the final weekend, probably the 13th. More on that when plans are made.

13 thoughts on “Magnesium & Exhibition: Fragments of Tokyo

  1. that’s fucking great! well done sir. wish i could be there, i always enjoyed it when you made an exhibition of yourself…

    • one does what one can to keep the people entertained…

      it’s not to late to book those tickets, and pop over for the afternoon!

  2. Good luck with the exhibition!

    I´ll keep an eye open about the submissions (they´re closed now)… the artistic side sounds interesting to me 🙂


    • thanks!

      the initial reaction to the site was a little overwhelming, submissions are closed until we all have time to catch up and make sure all the initial members are rolling. When new people are added everyone needs to be able to help out, etc. Not sure when it’ll open again, but we’ll get there eventually.

  3. Magnesium seems to be a nice project, I’ve added rss to google reader to follow you and co. I’m glad for all of you ’cause your lively interest in photography and to share it.
    Congrats for your exhibition! I wish I could be there too, sorry 😦

    • 🙂

      as i’ve become fond of say, we’re just getting started. as you know there is a lot of enthusiasm in out local group, and we’re finally putting it to some use other than drinking!

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