Magnesium & Exhibition: Fragments of Tokyo

It has been a busy couple of weeks. What a way to start the year…

Along with everything else, a bunch of very determined friends have opened a photography agency.


It’s not entirely clear what eventual form it will assume, but right now it’s a driven bunch of people seeing how far they can push a loosely associated group in the direction of being serious about photography.

The mix is also interesting. Inevitably there is a dichotomy (trichotomy?) of those who are journalist / commerical, and those who see it as an artistic endeavour. I seem to fall on the “artistic” side of the divide, but will do what i can to support those who want to try to make it their living.

My first contribution to the site is a bit of shameless self-promotion. Next month, along with three others, i’ll be doing my first exhibition. It’s a little bit nerve wracking, but i’m determined to make the best of it… and even though recently everything has been a touch stressful, pulling it all together has actually been a fun distraction.

If you’re in Tokyo for the week of the 8th of February, please drop in and take a look. No doubt we’ll arrange to get everyone together on one afternoon in the final weekend, probably the 13th. More on that when plans are made.